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NATURAL HERBS AND ESSENTIAL FOR THE PRIME FUNCTIONING OF BODY CELLS. Nature provides nutrients that can play an important role in improved mental function and memory, higher levels of energy, increased strength and endurance, reduced stress, improved sexual vitality, and better over-all health. Scientists have determined that specific nutrients in balanced quantities can create the results you crave for.

Dyna Serenoa Tablet

Contains quality fatty acids and plant sterols from saw palmetto that effectively reduces prostate inflammation and enlargement.

Saw Palmetto provides localized prostate support and aids the body’s natural inflammation response. It also helps maintain prostate health by supporting the body’s natural hormonal function.

Saw Palmetto

· Remedy for prostate inflammation and enlargement.
· Improves urination, eases the urine process
· Reduces the nocturia.

· Consume 2 times daily, 2 tablets each time.
· For a better result, consume before sleep.
Ginali Capsule

Ginkgo appears to promote vascular efficiency (blood flow) to the brain and beyond. This not only helps the functions of memory, but also assists the body’s vascular system throughout. If improvement of memory and/or dementia related disease protection is your goal, the supplementation of Ginkgo appears to have the greatest amount of support for your health.

Tongkat ali is the root that significantly boosts sex drive and function in both men and women, by building testosterone. Glycoproteins appear to be the sex-promoting ingredients in the tongkat ali plant. Tongkat ali has been used as a traditional remedy for restoring fatigue, re-establishing sexual desire, and treating impotence.

Ginkgo Biloba, Tongkat Ali Extract

· Blood circulation
· Improve memory
· Improve eyesight
· Reduce cholesterol level
· Prevents artery clogging and narrowing
· Prevents arteriosclerosis
· Anti-depression
· Antioxidant
· Prevents senile dementia
· Prevents Alzheimer’s
· Prevents impotence/ erectile dysfunction
· Edema
· Hemorrhoids
· Inflammation
· Migraine
· Allergies
· Asthma
· Energy booster
· Male impotence
· Erectile dysfunction
· Menopausal symptoms
· General fatigue
· Stamina
· Endurance
· Athletic performance
· Fertility
· Aphrodisiac
· Mental clarity

2 capsules two times a day
Ginseng Honey Ginger

Contains ginseng, ginger and honey, it can disperse gas in the body, increase blood circulation, alleviate tiredness and mental fatigue.

Contains ginsenosides that help to stabilize heart beat, maintain blood pressure and prevent exhaustion.

Honey that can improve digestion and bowel movement

Contains ginseng, honey and ginger

· Regulates heart beat, maintains blood pressure, prevents tiredness, improves digestion
· Easing constipation, expelling gas, anti-bacterial property
· Strengthens the spleen and stomach

· Dissolve 1 sachet of Instant Ginseng Honey Ginger into a cup (200ml) of hot water, twice daily – may also be taken cold
· Before meals
Korean (Panax) Ginseng Capsule

Utilizing four-year-growing high-grade ginseng, it has effects of calming and stabilizing mind and body, thus is suitable for the whole family for long term consumption.

Ginseng is considered the “King of Herbs” throughout the world. For 5000 years Ginseng was widely used as a medical herb in China. Scientific researches have been carried out by Japan, Korea, Germany, Russia, America and Canada. The pharmacological and clinical results confirmed the effectiveness of Ginseng. Today, Ginseng is used as a health supplement.

Changbaishan Korean Ginseng flower as raw material

· Cleanses the liver and improves eyesight
· Detoxifies and reduces edema
· Enhances concentration
· Diuretic
· Brewed ginseng flowers can be used in cooking

Put a required amount of ginseng flower into a teapot, then pour in hot water for brewing
Milk Thistle Tablet

It is the most recommended high grade liver protection product. Milk thistle contains active ingredients that can neutralize free radicals and help with liver detoxification.

Milk thistle facilitates healthy, normal liver function. Promotes bile production used to break down fats. It provides nutritional support for healthy, normal liver function. Milk thistle helps the liver regenerate normally, work better and produce more of the important antioxidant enzymes it uses to cleanse the blood, especially under stressful conditions. This highly active botanical extract protects the liver from free radical damage, increasing glutathione concentrations and superoxide dismutase activity. It also stimulates protein synthesis, resulting in the regeneration of hepatic cells and new liver tissue.

· Made from 100% high quality milk thistle from Germany
· Silymarin

· Strong liver protective effect
· Encourages the growth and regeneration of liver cells
· Prevents the invasion of toxins into liver cells
· Helps to discharge toxins from the body
· Promotes the production of antibodies against viruses

Consume 3 times daily, 2 tablets each time After meals
Sea Cucumber

Hastens healing of wounds after childbirth, Circumcision and other post-operative procedures Revitalizes the reproduction Organs Control mood swing

· Serves as a Pain killer
· Helps to heal bronchitis and reduce symptoms of sinusitis
· Reduce Chronics constipation, calms the mind and reduces stress (anxiolytic effect)
· Increase blood and lymph circulation
· Slows down aging process
· Relieves rheumatism
· Prevents Goiter
· Its an Energizer
· Revitalizes the reproductive organs
· Contains EPA active ingredients. Effective in healing internal and external wounds

It is advisable to undergo detoxification and cleansing regularly every 3 months to avoid further accumulation of toxins and 2 weeks of rest period before resuming back to supplements.
YeeGinkgo Tablet

Gingko is one of the worlds oldest surviving trees. Its longetivity is due to its resistance to disease and pollution, adaptability and unique biochemical properties.Its medical properties are concentrated in the leaves.

Gingko is planted extensively in China because of its usefulness as food and medicine. It has been recorded as a Chinese herbal medicine since 5000 years ago and has been used as medical; agent in the West over the Past 20 years

Gingko is a powerful antioxidant herb. It is best known for its ability to enhance circulation, to squeeze through the narrowest blood vessel and increase the supply of oxygen to the heart and brain

When cholesterol deposits narrow the arteries in the legs, the results is intermittent claudication, pain, cramping and weakness, particularly in the calves. GLE improves blood flow to the legs. Studies show that ginkgo produced significantly great pain relief than standard treatment.

GLE helps to relieve male impotence caused by narrowing of the arteries supplying blood to the penile arteries.

Eye disorder such as Macular degeneration is the leading cause of adult blindness.It involves deterioration of the retina, the nerve-rich are in the eye responsible for sight. It can be improved by taking GLE.

Tinnitus is a progressive loss of hearing in both ears due to aging of cochlear hair cells and nerve fiber. Cochlear deafness which is caused by inadequate blood and lack of oxygen to the nerve involved in hearing can be improved by GLE.

PAF cause bronchial constriction in Asthma. Gingko interfere with PAF and helps to prevent bronchial Constriction.

The Therapeutic role of gingko extract on the impairment of visual function of the optic nerve caused by diabetes was tested. Gingko extract entraps free radicals and is helpful in preventing visual problems and other complications.

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