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Fertilizers are plant nutrients. Nutrients exist naturally in the earth's soil and atmosphere, and in animal manure. However, naturally occurring nutrients are not always available in the forms that plants can use. Therefore, man-made fertilizer is vital to food production. Man-made and natural fertilizers contain the same ingredients, but man-made fertilizers act more quickly and are less susceptible to weather changes. Power Grow is a foliar fertilizer with macronutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and Magnesium plus micronutrients such as Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Boron, Molybdenum and Humic Acid. It is safe effective and environment friendly.

Power Grow

Is a foliar fertilizer formulated from rich macro and micro nutrients, trace nutrients and humic acid. Helps the growth of various vegetables, fruits and flowers while improving the quality of soil.

· Main elements: Also known as Macronutrients. Assist in plant growth, improve fruits and leaf quality, increase production of seeds and fruits etc
· Secondary elements: Also known as Micronutrients, essential in the formation of chlorophyll and many other enzyme functions important for reproductive growth, cell wall formation, calcium uptake, cell and hormonal movement etc.
· Additional element: Humic acid strengthens plant growth, assists in nutrient absorption and improves the quality of soil.
· Controls secretion of absisic acid to prevent shedding of buds and flowers
· Stimulates flower blooming and prevents premature dropping of flowers and fruits
· Increases quality and quantity of flowers and fruits
· Increases harvest from at least 15% to 300% for every ton
· Non poisonous and environmental friendly
· Stimulates root development and improves the overall nutrient utilization efficiency.
· Greatly increases leaf size and prolongs productive growth.
· Increases the food accumulation (in the form of fruit or edible portion) from photosynthesis
· Stimulates bud formation
· Prevents pre-harvest drop of flower and fruit
· Resistance to diseases and insect damage
· Suitable for green leafy and fruiting and non-fruiting plants.
· Stimulates and promotes the growth in root, stem, leaves and new buds.

· Suitable for flowering and fruiting stage
· Ensures optimum reproductive growth and boosts the development of flowers and fruits

· Can be used with any pesticide or fungicide Avoid use under hot sun (For best results, use early in the morning or late in the afternoon)
· Shake well before use

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