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GET MORE FROM YOUR DIET & WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. The Dyna Diet is an eating plan to promote fat burning by allowing the body’s own natural fat burning process to take effect by following a set meal regimen with proper nutrition. Hence the diet is NOT a starvation diet. There are no fat burning substances included which may cause heart palpitations. This plan is focused around maintaining a balanced level of blood sugar and food portion control. You will actually be consuming nutritional supplements combined in a series of 5-6 meals per day.

Body Contour Cream

Made from plant extracts from France, promotes metabolism and reduces body fat on specific body areas with firming / slimming effects.

Lespedeza Capitata Extract, Ulva Lactuca Extract

· Possesses slimming ability on specific body areas
· Skin firming effects
· Prevents stretch marks

· Massage in an up-down motion until fully absorbed
· Recommended to use after bath
High Fiber Nutritional Food

Instant Cereal

With spirulina, soybean, and noni beverage to provide nutrition with fiber.

Soybean, Non Dairy Creamer, Cereal, Spirulina Powder, Psyllium Husk, Oat, Tricalcium Phosphate, Noni Extract, Flavour.

· Supplies essential nutrients to the body
· Contains natural plant fibre, can help prevent colon cancer and constipation
· Improves glucose and insulin management of the body

· Mix 1 sachet of Instant Fiberich N-Meal with a cup of water (200ml) and stir
· Before meals or as a snack by itself

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