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Dynapharm International Africa is affiliate of Dynapharm International Phil's, Inc. with its Head Quarters in Penang Malaysia, is a company that imports and distributes mainly Food Supplements, Plant Fertilizers, Generic Pharmaceuticals, Herbal Traditional, Cosmetic Toiletries and Beauty Products globally through Multi-level/Network Marketing. It is a Health based organization that believes in a holistic approach towards health.

Dynapharm was first introduced in Uganda in 2005 and launched on 8th August 2005 at Green Land Towers, Plot 30, and Kampala Road in Kampala. At that time, Dynapharm Uganda had only one distribution point in Uganda and Africa as a whole. In Africa, Dynapharm operates in most African countries with a vision of reaching out to the entire African continent.

Our success has been due to the effectiveness of our food supplements, in which very many people have found good health and wealth through our compensation plan.

We have over 700 products in the categories of:
· Cleansing and Detoxifying
· Nutritional Supplements
· Immune Booster/Anti-Aging
· Mental/Physical/Sexual Health
· Diet & Weight Management
· Cosmetics/Personal Care
· Healthy Water

Our Compensation Plan has Seven Ways to earn that is:
· Retail Profit
· Fast Track Bonus
· Performance Bonus
· Leadership Royalty Bonus
· Profit Sharing
· Car/House Fund
· Year End Diamond Club Bonus

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