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South Africa: Car, TV, Laptop promotion - Best Distributor.

13th January 2015

The Prize Giveaway Ceremony was held on the 13th of January 2015 at Hotel VIP and attracted more than 3000 Guests from within and outside Maputo. Prizes given included Cars, Laptops, Fridges and Tablets. The winners were from Maputo and our upcountry DPCs Nampula and Beira. The Chief Guest was the Director DI International, the function was also graced by International Trainers...

13th January 2015 | SWAZILAND
Dynapharm International Swaziland was proud to reward its best distributor with 5 brand new Nissan Xtrails...

Performance Incentive

Mechanics: 3 Consecutive months from August 2014 - July 2015.

Dynapharm Int'l Africa shares opportunities to improve lives & health of African people. The Power of One the Power of All. We're an affiliate of Dynapharm Int'l Phil's, Inc., Malaysia, a manufacturer & global distributor through multi level marketing of generic pharmaceuticals, herbal, cosmetics, food supplements, plant fertilizers and beauty products.

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DI Grow foliar fertilizer is a liquid organic fertilizer extracted from the Acadian Seaweed created using the US formula and highly rich in complete and well balanced Macro and Micro elements, growth stimulants, chelated micro nutrients, humic acid, Acadian seaweed extract etc.

DI Grow is in two types colours i.e. DI Grow Green (Grow booster) and DI Grow Red (Fruits & Flowers enhancer) that both come in 3 sizes (250ml, 1 Litre & 4 Litres).

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Power / D.I. Grow Foliar Organic Fertilizer.

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